Settling Disputes Using Surveillance Systems


Regardless of whether you live in a Sydney suburb that has a high crime rate, or you are living in a peaceful suburb, security systems with video cameras are often the simplest and most helpful tool when settling disputes in both private and commercial residence.

Businesses can benefit from cctv systems

Many businesses rely on video surveillance when they are faced with theft or injury in the workplace. If you have a dispute over an incident with employees, taking a look back through the video footage of what transpired can help you come to a resolution and determine who was at fault.

If you have an irate customer who is complaining about a service or an incident that occurred in your place of business, once again you can look back through the HD video footage to find out what happened and take further action when required.

In the case of theft, the video footage you can give to police may lead to a conviction based on what you’ve provided. And in the case that items are going missing and you aren’t sure why, you can find out if a staff member is stealing your goods.

Workers compensation claims

In the case that you are faced with a workers compensation claim, your video surveillance footage will be helpful to determine that what happened to an employee was an accident or even in fact their own fault as your OH&S policies and procedures follow the strictest protocol.

Private homes and video surveillance systems

When it comes to protecting your family and your home, security systems are a must. Surveillance systems can help you find out who is on your property before you decide to answer the door, and in the case that there is someone who is out to hurt you and your family, having cctv systems surrounding your property not only means that they’ll be recorded should they step foot on your property but they will also be aware of your security measures which is a real deterrent for most people.

Using surveillance footage in court

In some instances you may be required to use the HD video footage captured by your video camera surveillance equipment in court. This may be in relation to a business premises that was damaged by vandals for example.

Knowing how to work your surveillance system and gaining access to the footage when you need it is extremely important as this footage can be used in court as evidence which can lead to a conviction.

In terms of domestic disputes in the home, video footage may also be used to show how an argument escalated into a physical altercation. The footage may be used to demonstrate how violent someone became or how an incident actually began.

Video surveillance offers protection and proof. If you don’t want to leave anything to chance then having a security surveillance system installed is your biggest weapon, not only for your business, but in your home as well.

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