Hidden Surveillance Cameras and Discreet home security installation

If you want peace of mind, and want to stop living in fear of threat or vandalism, then having a security systems specialist come to your home and install cctv systems is the way to go. When you call one of our specialists and you require an undercover / discreet security installation, we will visit your residence in a plain, unmarked car and install your surveillance devices quietly and professionally. We understand that you may not even want your neighbours to know. Once our systems are installed, we provide full training and advice on how to operate and use it effectively.

Blank white van

Catch criminals red handed without them knowing

This method of security system installation is an obvious choice when you are suspecting that a certain someone is doing something they shouldn’t be and you require video evidence to use in court or to present to the police. The main difference between a standard video security system installation and a discreet / undercover installation is you are minimising the possibility of that person noticing you are having a video surveillance system installed and therefor when they attempt to commit the crime once again, you will have proof of the offender committing the offense.

Discreet plain clothed security installations are great for:

  • When you suspect your neighbour is damaging your property
  • Catching someone in the act
  • Catching criminals red handed
  • Someone keeps damaging your car
  • Drug deals outside your home
  • People keep stealing your garden lights / plants