Using Video Surveillance As Evidence In Court


In Sydney, there are cctv systems everywhere. Whether we are at the local shopping centre or filling up our car with fuel, we are all under constant video surveillance for our own protection and safety.

When it comes to the family court of Australia, they even outline the fact that you will be recorded by video cameras when your case is heard. Proceedings in the courtroom are recorded to produce transcripts and to help ensure the highest level of security for everyone.

Today, security systems are not just useful in this context, but are widely accepted as evidence in court cases involving theft, vandalism and assaults outside business and private residences.

If you are using video surveillance as evidence in court for whatever reason, it’s important that you consult your lawyer first to determine and ensure that what you’ve captured, and the way you’ve gone about recording the HD video footage is still in compliance with the law. There has been some issues with using dash mounted cameras in some court proceedings.

Surveillance can help prevent the crime from occurring in the first place

Whether it’s at a private residence or outside a business, when people can see they are being watched, they are far less likely to commit a crime.

To use this to your advantage make sure that you also include signage in and around your property that points to the fact that the area is under constant surveillance.

Evidence at your finger tips

If a crime is committed, having the perpetrator on video can mean the difference between a conviction, and the individual walking free. This is not only the case for those facing criminal charges either.

Sometimes people use video surveillance to record individuals damaging council property or using vacant lots for illegal dumping. Doing this can ensue massive fines and without such evidence it can be very hard to prove who actually did it.

People using video surveillance footage against you in court

While surveillance footage you’ve collected can assist with your case, if you are on the other side of the law, it’s important to be aware that people can use footage of you in court. This is also the case when it comes to Work Cover.

Agents are often sent out to capture footage of people who are injured, or who are supposed to be unable to work, moving about freely. All of this type of footage can be used as evidence, even if you don’t know they are recording you.

Living in a digital age means better quality video and surveillance options. While in the past many video recorders produced blurry, pixelated images, todays cameras are advanced and many produce high quality, high definition footage. This means clearer footage and more convictions.

When it comes down to it, having video evidence is the best form of evidence you can have access to.

If you are concerned about someone targeting you, your family or your business, installing surveillance systems is your best option for safe guarding those you love.

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