CCTV Installation in Sydney


Whether you need someone to install security systems in and around your Sydney home within 24 hours, or you require a qualified professional to give you important video surveillance advice discretely, we are the professionals to call. We understand that emergencies require urgent attention and in the case that you think someone may be targeting your home, the HD video footage your video cameras provide will assist with a conviction.

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If you want peace of mind, and want to stop living in fear of threat or vandalism, then having a security systems specialist come to your home and install cctv systems is the way to go. When you call one of our specialists and you require an undercover security installation, we will visit your residence in a plain, unmarked car and install your surveillance devices quietly and professionally. We understand that you may not even want your neighbours to know. Once our systems are installed, we provide full training and advice on how to operate and use it effectively.

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If you are in a scenario where you need a security system or video surveillance installed ASAP, we can assist. In emergency scenarios we try and assist the following day (we can’t guarantee this but it is our goal). In most standard homes / businesses we can generally install a fully operational video security system in 1 day.

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Do you have the feeling that your home is bugged or that someone is watching you? We can assist with technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) for your home, business and vehicle. If you have noticed strange sounds or volume changes to your phone lines or the electrical plates on your power points look as if they’ve been adjusted, you could be the victim of electronic eavesdropping. For peace of mind, or to find out who is doing this and why, get in touch with the security TSCM specialists and restore control to your life.

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