How To Stop Graffiti Vandalism Around Your Home

Graffiti is a big problem for residents in certain areas of Sydney. This issue with graffiti is that it can be difficult to remove, and once you’ve taken off all that you can, often times you need to paint over the area to completely cover the remnants of the graffiti. You are not only taking out time from your own schedule to clean up what someone else did, but you are also left with cost of buying the paint.

Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to minimise the chances of graffiti vandals targeting your property. Here are some important tips you can implement right now:

1. As soon as you see graffiti, remove it, preferably within 24-48 hours. Vandals that put it there will see that it’s been removed promptly, and their work has been for nothing. This is certainly a deterrent.

2. A lack of concern for the appearance of a property can attract graffiti vandals. Keep your property tidy and clean and encourage your neighbors to do the same.

3. Install a new fence that’s not graffiti friendly. If you are installing a new fence consider options like something with a natural material like bamboo or bush reed. Textured surfaces are much harder to read graffiti on, so vandals prefer not to spray on it.

4. Use plants to protect your fences. Climbing plants make the surface unable to be graffitied and prickly plants will be avoided all together as they are too much trouble to work around.

5. Increase your outdoor lighting. Sensor lighting is wonderful to use at night. Vandals don’t want to be caught and if every time they approach your property or business premises a light turns on that illuminates the entire area, they are likely to run off.

6. Use security systems to catch the perpetrators. When you come across repeat offenders with complete disregard for your property, the only course of action is to have a security systems specialist come out to your home and install cctv systems. Using video cameras, you’ll be able to capture surveillance footage of the graffiti vandals and then take the HD video footage to the police. Having video surveillance systems installed is a deterrent on it’s own too. If vandals know they might be recorded, they are far less likely to risk tagging your property with graffiti.

7. If you live in a high risk area you should use a protective coatings and graffiti resistant materials on graffiti prone surfaces. Vandals will typically use spray paint to graffiti and this immediately penetrates bricks, concrete and timber which are porous. But, if you seal these surfaces with a coating that reduces its porosity you’ll find the graffiti will be much easier to remove.

While graffiti vandals are typically harmless, young people, it’s still best not to approach them if you see them at work. Always notify police however and let them know exactly who and what you saw. If you are noticing an increased level of graffiti vandalism in your Sydney suburb speak to your council and local police about how the community can work together to stop it.

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