If you are concerned about a particular individual accessing your property unlawfully, or if you simply want to ensure that you are doing the best you can to protect your family, having security systems installed is a must.

No matter where you live in Sydney, there is not a suburb that is safe from thieves and vandals. Here, we’ve listed some security measures you can take to ensure your family and your home are always protected:

1. Surveillance and cctv systems are useful for large and small properties. If you have video surveillance, you automatically deter people from wanting to be seen in and around your property unlawfully. Often when criminals are looking to break in to a home, they assess the security measures first. If there are a number of video cameras recording HD video footage of the perimeter, they won’t even risk trying to enter. In the instance that they do, you’ll have solid video evidence to help police catch the perpetrator.

Important: If your security systems are set up so that they are discrete and not noticeable, you may want to put up signage to alert intruders to the fact that they are being recorded (if this one of the main reasons why you’ve decided to get the security systems).

2. Deadlocks and window coverings should make it difficult for criminals to enter your home. If you have a lock that isn’t working well, have it repaired or replaced immediately. You can’t put a price on your family’s safety.

3. Light up the night with sensor lighting. Criminals like to work in the dark. If your home has plenty of dark corners to hide, light them up with sensor lights positioned at different angles around the perimeter of your property.

4. Don’t leave expensive items out on the front lawn. If you’ve got an expensive bike or you’ve got a jet ski put it away in a secure lock-up garage. The last thing you want to do is draw attention to the fact that you have a range of expensive items. This will only entice burglars to see what else you have inside.

5. Protect your home while you’re away. When you go away, make sure that you ask a neighbour or friend to collect your mail so your letterbox isn’t overflowing. This is a sure sign that someone isn’t at home. The next precaution you can take is setting timers on a number of lights throughout your home. This will ensure that as soon as it hits dusk, a light in your front living room turns on, to make it appear as if someone is home.

Taking these security measures, including have a security system installed will ensure that your family, home and your possessions are safe at all times. While we all hope that nothing ever threatens our safety, it’s good to have peace of mind knowing that if danger does come knocking, you’ve put measures in place to protect the ones you love.

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