Top 5 things to consider when installing CCTV

What you need to consider when installing CCTV cameras in your workplace

Using CCTV and video surveillance to monitor workplace compliance and Work, Health and Safety; Today we uncover the installation process and look at a number of the products that you may need to consider.

Before installing any surveillance system in the workplace, one must first pinpoint the challenges that need to be addressed as this will identify the type of CCTV system needed and will help to ensure you have the right level of video quality for that purpose. For instance, ask yourself whether you need to capture greater details such as facial recognition or vehicle number plates.

The installation process must be carefully considered and this is where a qualified security expert can help. They will examine the workspace environment and provide advice on things that a company owner can quickly ignore such as the level of lumination and the location of the cams.

Top 5 things you need to look at when considering CCTV Installation in Sydney

1. Security cameras

a full line of closed circuit television cameras and optics for differing surveillance needs. Specialty cameras for instance, infra-red, low-light and dark adaptation cameras can be installed. PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras can also include new innovation such as facial recognition functionalities.

2. DVR – also known as Digital video recorders

DVR’s provide scalability from fundamental, single video camera installations through to large scope enterprise level multi-site implementations that feature cutting edge video systematic and control systems with high level access control integration.

3. Security display monitors

A full line of monitor types, sizes, resolutions and styles are accessible that include LCD, flat panel and touchscreen abilities.

Incorporated devices making use of access control technology can also be used to boost compliance. This is specifically valuable for warehouses and businesses that operate dangerous equipment. Access control can help work environment compliance by ensuring that equipment is only being operated by authorised workers and its operation is stored with recorded CCTV video footage should an incident takes place.
The quantity of companies making use of CCTV to deal with workplace safety and compliance is growing and it is a trend that appears readied to go on.

4. Remote monitoring

Options range from IP-based video cameras to online browser software utilising cloud based programs. Touch screen units: touch technology is user-friendly, accurate, fast and simple to use. We provide the most up to date touchscreen hardware for higher performance when using CCTV security systems. It can also monitor client and community behaviour and provide proof of fraud, for example, slip and fall verification.

5. Backup power supply

In some commercial environments offices have backup supplies, but in the scenario that your building does not have this feature then you may want to consider an uninterrupted power supply also know as a UPS. This backup battery allows the unit to keep recording for a minimum of 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the UPS you purchase.

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