How To Prevent People From Dumping Rubbish On Your Property

Are people using your front yard like a tip? While a few cans or a pizza box as a one off is irritating, if it’s constant and keeps happening, something needs to be done about it. It’s not only front yards where this can happen either. Some people find that if they live at the end of the block and there is a vacant lot nearby, people tend to use it as a convenient dumping ground. This not only looks terrible, but it can also attract all kinds of rodents and pests.

Some people may also fail to realise that dumping is illegal and the council can issue a fine if they are caught.

Here, we’ve listed some useful tips for preventing people from using your property as a dumping ground.

1. Be aware and notify the council – If there is a vacant piece of land nearby that is being used as a tip, call the council every time you see rubbish there. Ask local authorities to put a sign up that says, ‘no dumping’ and talk to neighbours about your concern for the rodents and pests this attracts to the area.

2. Confront without confrontation – If you have witnessed or seen who has dumped something in your backyard or front yard by throwing it over the fence, you can always take the approach of visiting them as a concerned neighbour and ask if they’ve seen any illegal dumping in the area. Explain what you came out to in your own yard, and ask them if they know who it might be as you want to report the incident to the council. Once people know how you feel and the measures you will take, they are far less likely to continue.

3. Install security systems – If you have someone who is constantly dumping rubbish outside your home, it’s time to get a cctv systems specialist in who can install video surveillance around your property. Look for the most professional Sydney surveillance operator you can find and discuss with them different video cameras and how you can operate them. Using the HD video captured on these cameras you can take evidence to the local police who can then confront the perpetrators.

By installing security systems you will also deter people for the simple fact that people don’t like to get caught. They won’t want to risk it if they see all of the security systems you have installed and will avoid dumping on your property all together.

4. Keep your property tidy and neat and urge your neighbours to do the same – When someone keeps their property in pristine condition, it sends the message that they care about their home. If your house is untidy and there is mess strewn across the lawn, people are more likely to see it as a dumping ground. Talk to your neighbours about keeping your street tidy and clean to avoid people seeing it as the ideal location for dumping and start a watch to identify who is creating the mess outside your homes.

By taking the necessary steps you should find that illegal dumping and littering on your property significantly diminishes if not disappears all together.

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