How To Prevent Home Invasions and Protect Your Family

These days, you can never be too careful. Kidnappings, home invasions and violent attacks are happening all over Sydney. Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to prevent home invasions and to keep your loved ones safe.

We’ve compiled a list of useful tips for safeguarding your family and your Sydney residence.

1. Make your home less appealing to criminals- There are several ways of doing this. The first step is to have security systems installed and to display any stickers or security warnings pertaining to the cctv systems around your home. Often if criminals see this, they don’t want to risk being caught.

Another thing you should do is have sensor lights set up around your entire home so that if someone is trying to lurk in the shadows, the lights will automatically turn on.

To safe guard the exterior of your Sydney home further, plant prickly or thorny bushes under every window. There are some stunning shrub species that look beautiful, but can’t be touched because they are so rough. These will not only deter people from trying to look in and get close to your windows, but in the case that something was to happen and they scrambled inside anyway, their DNA would be all over the bush which would be extremely helpful to police.

2. Education matters- If you have any children in your home, make sure that they understand the video surveillance cameras in your home are not toys and explain to them how surveillance works. Apart from educating them on how these video cameras will help keep the whole family safe, you should also make sure that your kids understand ‘stranger danger’ even when at home. This includes never opening the door to a stranger under any circumstances. If a predator is wanting an easy entry to a residence they often target a child and try to spin them a story. Teach your children to only ever alert your attention to someone on your property and to never approach them on their own.

3. Create a safe room in your home- This room should have a landline telephone and a torch. It should be a secure place which everyone in the family knows about and can go to if your home is invaded.

4. Only the best for your family will do- Make sure that your security system is of the highest quality, so that in the case that the unthinkable happens and you do have an intruder enter your home, you’ll be able to provide police with HD video footage which they can use to catch the criminal faster. And with clear evidence, they are more likely to be convicted as well.

5. Be diligent with your security in and around your home- Always lock doors and gates and never leave your garage door open. By always ensuring your house is secure you can relax knowing that it would be close to impossible for someone to enter your home.

Often all it takes to deter an intruder is making it an impossible mission to gain access to your home. By doing things like installing security systems, sensor lights and planting prickly bushes by all of your windows, criminals will most likely decide that in fact it’s too difficult to invade your home.

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