A celebration of the new normal should not fall back!!


The spread of novel coronavirus worldwide coupled with the lockdown imposed regionally were the prime factors responsible for lowering the criminal activities. Additionally, working remotely gave ample time to the people to look and take care of their premises in a nice manner.

Now that vaccination is developed and administered everything will be falling back in place soon. The new normal life is not far away when people will be back to the office, the roads will be cuddled soon, and the parks might again be flourished.

But, is this all you need? A habit of seeing your stuff in front of you won’t create a problem once you step out? Well, it’s time that we start preparing ourselves for the new and tension-free normal life. Just follow the list and have peace of mind, even when you aren’t home.

  • Be calm on social media

Social media is way too tempting and will always urge you to post yourholiday dairies, birthdays or anniversary parties, sunny Sundays, etc. But, you must be cautious before posting anything there or on any other public platforms. As these accounts or such platforms are easy to observe by the burglars keeping an eye on your activities. Thus, it is not necessary to always announce your absence at home every time you step out!!

  • Hide the valuables

Spending more time at home enabled many of us to keep our valuables right in front of us, for easy access. But, now it’s time to hide or lock these things as you won’t be spending more time at home. Thus, it is suggested to keep them away or hide them if possible, especially from the places that are visible from outside. One should also remember to close the curtains before heading out!!

  • Switch to smart bulbs

The availability of smart bulbs and smart plugs is a conventional innovation of this hi-tech transforming world. As their capability and working can easily be governed through a smartphone via Wi-Fi. Enabling their operation remotely will create an illusion about your presence inside the house to the bugler, even when you are not home. Switching on and off of these smart bulbs will indicate that the house is occupied and thus will decrease the chances of robbery.

  • A hideout for a spare key

It is observed that people often hide a spare key outside their house, somewhere under a flower pot or above the door frame, or anywhere else. This could turn out to be a risk factor, creating a possibility for an outsider to enter the house. So, it is advised to at least hide your spare key in a locked safe place, which requires a code to open.

  • How about a video doorbell?

A video doorbell is an attractive option that one can install for safety purposes. This can also be an add-on to the existing home alarm system that too at an affordable rate! The hi-tech and advanced video doorbells are now equipped with an inbuilt motion sensor, which is capable of notifying the house owners about the approaching steps toward their home.

Besides, these doorbells are also capable of showing live footage captured from its integrated camera. As an advantage, these video doorbells also offer two-way communication between the house owner and the visitor directly on the smartphones.

  • Double-check the locking of doors and windows

The easiest possibility to rob a place is through its entrance, and doors and windows are the potential entry points. So, before you head for work or your entertainment just ensure that your place is secured properly via doors as well as windows, especially during the summers.

As we often spend time in the garden during the weather warm-up periods. So, do remember to lock your front entrance while heading to the backyard.

  • A servicing is a must for alarms

Spending time home kept us all away from servicing the home alarm systems. Now, is the perfect time to give it a repair or service. Or if you have a habit of forgetting to set an alarm, it’s time you upgrade it with smart home alarm systems that can even control it remotely. So, forgetting won’t be an issue now!!

  • Don’t forget to lock the garage

Numerous people utilized lockdown as an opportunity, to renovate their home or garden. Some even converted their shed into a greenhouse or a summer house. Therefore, it should be acknowledged before you plan to spend your time outside your house. Do lock this shed and avoid keeping your valuables like a motorbike, bike, or even tools in site.

Try shifting these valuables to a more secure place such as a garage. Apart from these, you should also avoid putting any ladders for step ladders near gardens or sheds, as it can be used as an entrance opportunity by the burglars.

  • Consider installing outdoor security cameras

The installation of outdoor security cameras will assure you with the maximum protection possible from the outside in. These cameras will offer you great visibility around your property and will notify you of any inappropriate or intentional activities happening around your property. The outdoor security cameras available in the market are capable of providing clear and crisp images, even in low light settings. Such measures will also minimize the hooting of false alarmsand will decrease the domestic burglary crime rates.

  • Be a part of local community groups

Connecting with people living in and around your locality can turn out to be an advantage, considering the safety of your place and property. So, connect with the people in both offline and online modes. It is also advised to follow a Facebook page of your residents, if possible, or join a community group to stay well informed and updated with the series of events happening in and around your place. Such community groups will also inform you about the crime that took place nearby and will also allow other people or neighbours to share their observations concerning that activity.

It is just expected that keenly following these measures will protect your property and valuables from unexpected and sudden theft or robbery. So, just beware and keep a strong eye on your property, even when you are out!!

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