Perfect Place at Home for Installing CCTV Surveillance Cameras


Installation of a security camera means more than covering the entrance points of your property. You may install a camera to monitor your doors or other entry points but here comes the fact of visibility. There are many factors like lighting issues, size of the camera or range of photo capturing, all can affect the picture quality. If you do not consider these cases, your all efforts for security will go in vain.

Other facts that are more relevant than the installation of the security cameras at the perfect place, we discussed with our head technician, iCCTV.

Legal factors for the Installation of a Home Security Camera System

The installation of security surveillance home cameras depends on some legal factors. You must be aware of your security camera type. Many surveillance cameras come with video and audio record functions. But by the law, you can only record footage of your belongings. To record audio, you have to get permission from the authority, otherwise, it will be illegal. You must make others aware if you want to record their voice.

While managing the legal factors to install a surveillance camera system, you may face some obligations according to The Privacy Act. It clearly states that you cannot position a camera into another property and can not record videos of their events, doors, windows, premises and other areas.

It is necessary to have a security licence for the security camera installer. This eligibility clears that the man who is installing your camera system is well trained and verified for this work. According to iCCTV, the technician must have a clean record. Besides knowing the techniques of installing or repairing a security camera system, the installers also know-how to hack it. So, if the installer has any kind of criminal record, it may be troublesome.

Best Installation Sights for Security Cameras

iCCTV clears that it is necessary to have a clear visualisation of the property where the camera system will be installed. As there are many facts like the light issues, quality of the camera, walls, trees etc. Considering all of these, a technician decides the best place for the installation.

Thanks to advanced technology and science, it helps most to install the security camera system and also calculate what amount of camera will be needed.

According to iCCTV, it is foolish to install a camera in front of floodlights with motion sensors or in front of other cameras in the area of 4 metres. These conditions can harm the security system.

Before installing the camera you must be aware of its lens because the lens has a leading role in picture visibility.

To maintain the aesthetic sense, you must be concerned about the cable management of the installation and also the design of the system.

According to iCCTV, you must have clarity on the warranty and the services of the system, especially for DIY installations.

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