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Are you facing issues with the connectivity of the home alarm system? Does the alarm buzz unnecessarily? Do have an issue with the quality of images of the CCTV integrated home monitoring device?

Well, it’s time to contact an expert for the proper and efficient working of the surveillance system installed in your home. Being a prominent player in the market, you can contact our company for installation and up-gradation of the home security solutions.

Our company also deals in servicing and repair-related activities of the existing security solution. We also deal with the marketing and implementation of advanced security enhancing devices that are capable of sending quality images and alert notifications directly on the mobile phone of the user!!

When to call us immediately

If you witness any of such factors listed below; it is recommended to reach out to us immediately. As these can be a potential threat compromising your safety.

  • Placement of CCTV integrated security monitoring devices – if the existing system fails to capture the proper images and video feed of the entry and exit of the people.
  • Easy disarming feature in the alarm system – some of the outdated models of home security systems are easy to disarm. So, if you have such a device, it is recommended to change it immediately.
  • Poor quality imaging service – if your security camera is unable to capture events of the distance nearby or offers a blur quality image, then do change it soon to avoid mishappening.
  • Lack of power or internet connectivity – the user must replace the electricity and internet-dependent alarm systems with independent security systems. As the criminal or the burglar can cut the power or internet supply, resulting in malfunctioning of the device. So, be prepared with the updated technology to be safe and sound.

What is the need for a tech-enabled home alarm system?

Researches revealed that neighbors no longer pay attention to the events happening next door. Thus, you must ensure the safety of your loved ones and belongings. Studies also unveiled the fact that most of the break-ins recorded have happened after the intruded disrupted the power supply, which troubled the proper functioning of the CCTVs and alarms systems.

But the changing technology has overcome these electricity dependency issues with the implementation of the internal backup battery along with the availability of sim card slots in the devices. This will ensure the permanent working of the device. Besides, the internet connectivity will further aid in sharing the live footage screen with the user directly on his/her mobile phones; enabling remote monitoring.

What expands our customer base?

Our company offers an extensive range of CCTV products and we offer services as per the need and requirements of our clients. So, if you are looking for experts with level 1 and level 2 licenses with proper training, then do contact our company for installation and repair of home security solutions.

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