The amazing things you should know before installing a CCTV camera

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Whenever we are out of the house get worried about our house. But CCTV technology tells us not to worry just install the surveillance camera and monitor your house from the office or any other place. A lot of Australian people are installing surveillance cameras because it becomes more affordable and accessible. Since we are human, we panicked thinking about our house, and what if I tell you can view your house on a smartphone just connect to the surveillance camera into your smartphone and do your work or enjoy the holiday with peace. And able to record video with a network video recorder (NVR).

You are thinking about installing a CCTV camera you must know this things:

Legal procedure to install 
Since surveillance is located outside the house and if you crossed the line as an excuse to monitor then the problem arises. So, you have to be careful that no one’s privacy should be disturbed. you have to know things before establishing the CCTV that is following:

  • Talk to your neighbour if you can somewhere his privacy is not being disturbed. Or see the video recording.
  • You have to careful in which area you monitor and there is a bedroom or bathroom.
  • The surveillance has such high energy that produces and annoying others.

Or go through legal websites and collect the information.

The area you should install the camera
There are many types of security cameras and according to your need, you have to search area. To avoid legal action, you must know the area where surveillance has to be installed.

  • The area that monitors your house/ property only.
  •  If there is a flat area or not crowded area and there are no bathroom or bedroom you can install it.

Need of Network Video Recorder (NVR)
Whatever thing is an in-network camera/ digital CCTV you can record by NVR. We provide a high-resolution camera that’s why NVR is important to record. In digital NVR you don’t have to search by seeing full video just enter time and date it will show you the incident. Its application is for iPhone and Android users both, you (homeowner) can excess the NVR any time by your smartphone or PC both. 16 high-definition cameras can be connected to the NVR.

Why with iCCTV
We iCCTV  install a high-quality camera before monitoring area. We (iCCTV) monitor where the good light and visibility are then we install the camera. We doesn’t install low-quality cameras because that will not go with our reputation. iCCTV security camera comes up with free initiative at initial assessment. Our one of security experts will evaluate your home and give you that’s exactly you want. Any suspected will show into your house home’s monitor security will be triggered and send the alert. iCCTV will add a bunch of happiness to your life.

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