The Necessity of CCTV Cameras in Private Security and Public


The installation of CCTV cameras is continuously increasing with time for private security purposes, as well as in public places. It not only ensures high security but also deters criminals from executing their evil motto. CCTV provides live footage, recordings and visual proofs that may be helpful for any emergency event, investigation or other case. There are many CCTV cameras found in public places, monitoring all the events and it makes the monitoring process easy. CCTV helps to manage traffic control, investigation of vehicular accidents, emergency events etc.

Developments in CCTV Technology

The developments in the technology of CCTV cameras occurred quite fast. In the starting point, the CCTV cameras are only capable of providing black and white images but now they can provide crystal clear coloured videos, images. Thanks to advanced technology, CCTV cameras now come with weather resistance, remote access through smart devices like smartphones or tablets, infrared night vision, wide-angle view zone etc.

Security Vs Privacy

In the era of advanced security, one of the most important questions is where to create a clear borderline between privacy and security. Surveillance devices ensure security but there is a lot of chance that these clips may fall into the wrong hands or the supplier set a hidden camera in your surveillance devices.

So always choose a surveillance system from a trusted source. One can trust BOSCH certified partners for this system. Always get your surveillance system from an experienced source because they know what is best for your security solution.

What’s in Store for CCTVs?

With the advancement of CCTV technology, there are some features that are made for great surveillance and monitoring. C-mount, dome and bullet-type cameras may be a great choice for end-users. Some surveillance cameras come with Pan, Tilt, and Zoom features for a great detailed picture and zone of view.

How to Optimize The Potential of CCTVs

To ensure security, there must be trained personnel to observe the CCTV footage in the monitoring bases. Without trained personnel in the monitoring base, it is pointless to invest in the security system. This matters the most in the event of an emergency or an investigation.

Artificial intelligence and video analytics can be a solution to prevent crimes, accidents and other events.

Should You Install CCTV or Not?

CCTV cameras not only ensures high security but also deter criminals from crime. Because the criminals do not want to be recorded while committing a crime. So the presence of CCTV cameras lowers the risk of being attacked or theft. It is also helpful in emergency events and investigations.



CCTV cameras are nothing but the substitution of security personnel. But the best security results depend on the teamwork of both surveillance and groundwork.

It is necessary to obey the laws and local authority rules while having a CCTV camera. The maintenance of CCTV cameras must be under government laws and police regardings. There should be a healthy balance between security and privacy.

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