Protecting Your Home From Harmful People

Many of us, have someone in our lives who is jealous or perhaps even seeking revenge for something. While a few eggs thrown at your Sydney home is annoying, it is relatively easy to clean up. If however, you are concerned because you’ve received serious threats, or you’ve had to move to a new home because you fear for your safety or property, then you should take note of these tips for protecting your home.

1. Have a gate installed so that unauthorised people can’t access your premises. You want to make it as difficult as possible for unwanted visitors to enter your property. If you have an open front yard, it’s easy for people to throw anything from their vehicle and quickly drive away. By having a gate installed that protects your entire perimeter when adjoined to a fence you can be sure that individuals who want to cause harm to your property will find the task rather difficult.

2. Don’t leave your pets unattended outside. Many times when people want to seek vengeance on someone and they are unable to get a reaction by breaking windows and alike, they turn to the family pet. If you have a dog or cat that stays outside for most of the time, you need to make them an indoor companion. Criminals will most certainly target your pet if they have easy access to them.

3. Install security systems in and around your home. Having cctv systems means 24 hour surveillance of your property. This type of video surveillance using video cameras means that if someone enters your premises unlawfully, or is trying to sneak around, they won’t get far because you’ll know they’re there. Furthermore, should something happen, you’ll have HD video footage to prove they were on your property unlawfully.

4. Plant thorny, prickly bushes along your fence line. Whether you do this on the inside of the fence, outside or both, it’s a great deterrent for people. In the case that someone does scale your gate or fence, enters your property and causes damage, police may also be able to obtain DNA from the thorns and barbs on the tree.

5. Install security shutters and ensure all of your windows and doors having heavy duty locks. Security shutters deter people from throwing bricks and other items through windows because they are unable to if you have metal shutters that close at night. In terms of your locks, make sure you check each one and know that it works.

6. Don’t ever become complacent. If you feel as if you are being watched, chances are this individual is waiting for you to slip up. Always make sure that you lock all of your doors and windows and double check you’ve locked your car if you have to.

At the end of the day, if someone wants to enter your property unlawfully to cause damage or upset, they will do whatever they can. But, if you consider implementing some of the measures we’ve listed above you should find that you’ll be able to keep your property safe at all times by making it next to impossible for intruders to enter.

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