How To Stop Your Mail Box From Being Stolen Or Vandalised

Mail boxes for one reason or another tend to be a prime target for criminals and vandals in Sydney. They not only access them unlawfully, but they also steal them, destroy them and set them on fire.

In Australia, tampering with mail is a Commonwealth offense. But what about when it comes to the letter boxes themselves?

It’s a sad truth that in many suburbs across Australia bored youth are often caught tampering with letter boxes. The issue with this is that often when something is meant to be a harmless prank, it can soon become serious and dangerous.

If you are concerned about your mail box, we’ve got a useful list of tips for ensuring the prospect of tampering with your letter box is made very unappealing to vandals:

1. Install sensor lights on your property – If you don’t already have a bright sensor light that switches on at night when someone enters your property, have one installed. Thieves and vandals work at night, so if you don’t give them the opportunity to hide in the shadows, it might just deter them from destroying your letter box.

2.Cut back surrounding bush and scrub from around your letter box – Is it difficult to see your letter box from your front window because of overgrown bushes and scrub? Prune everything that is around your letter box so that it’s in full, complete view.

3. Secure your letter box – Has your letter box been hammered into the ground on an old wooden post? The best and only way to secure your letter box is by digging a hole and using cement at the base to ensure that if someone wants to try and take it out of the ground, it’s going to be near impossible to do.

4. Closer to your house on your property – While your letter box does need to be conveniently located close to the edge of your property, if it’s easy for someone to quickly grab it or push it over as they walk by, it might be time for a relocation. One meter back from its usual place can make all the difference, especially when that means it’s not within an arms length of the footpath.

5. Install security systems or some form of surveillance – Many people have cctv systems outside their home. Video surveillance is not only a great way to deter people from doing the wrong thing, but it also means that if something does happen and the video cameras on your premises have caught footage of the perpetrator, you will be able to take the HD video footage to your local police station.

6. Letter boxes that last – If you’ve got a flimsy letter box, it’s much more vulnerable that one made of metal. Invest in a quality letter box. Not only will this deter vandals who won’t be able to pull it out of the ground, but it will also mean you’ll be able to securely lock your letter box, protecting you and your family from mail theft.

While crimes like mail box theft and vandalism are common in many areas of Sydney, there are steps you can take to protect your property from damage. If you follow the above steps you should find that even in an area where there is a higher crime rate, your mail box and its contents will be safe.

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