How to install security cameras in a two-story house?

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Different type of property has different unique features which affect how to plan out the security camera system at home. Everyone desires to have a comfortable lifestyle, a two-story house is a dream for many but one must grab the opportunity for installing a security camera. In order to install a security camera, an individual must consider few things. A two-story house is considered to be great for space and comfort but it is more challenging when one needs to be creative and efficient while installing security hidden cameras. Security cameras are installed because of property, budget, home essential security, etc.

ICCTV considers few things when installing security cameras:

  • Place the outside camera at height: placing the security camera in an elevated position allows one to see far off things more clearly with one camera. A two-story house gives a high position from which one can mount an external camera. By placing the security camera at a wide camera angle on each side of the house, near the top such it comes close to a 360-degree view of the property. The security camera can also be placed on a heightened one corner of the house and point down at the house to cover the entry points of the house. A two-story house allows an exclusive view of the entry points.
  • Cover the stairs: when someone breaks into your house, it becomes highly essential to get a warning as soon as the danger reaches your bedroom. The camera must be placed at the top of the stairs so the members of the family can see anyone coming up when the alarm goes off or any glass breaks down.
  • Heads up for security camera installation: As in a two-story house, the security camera installation usually takes a bit more work as there is much work in the wiring.

Where should the Camera be placed in the room?

In a two-story house, usually, there are a fair amount of rooms to cover so one must properly cover the rooms. The camera must be placed on the ceiling or as high as on the wall. One of the most apt places to install security cameras is in the corner. In order to cover the whole room, place two cameras in opposing corners. 360 degrees can be placed in the center of the room to get a full view of the room.

What are the security camera installation rules that must be followed?

Security camera installation rules are as follows:

  • Testing the tools before installation: it is highly important to test the equipment for better installation. Operating the camera and looking into its function before installing is beneficial. A dry run in the camera area helps in knowing about the evaluation of feed.
  • Don’t install a camera using tools that damage its working: some tools cause damage as they harm the working of a security camera. The camera must not be installed using hardware or any damaging tools that could harm the camera’s functioning.
  • Maintain & clean camera: security cameras usually get dirty or pollen accumulation of lens so one must install a way that would make it clean & preserve.

Why ICCTV is reliable?

ICCTV helps people in Sydney to live a safe and good atmosphere. We have provided a helping hand to individuals in keeping the house safe. This security company is a reliable option and is very helpful for individuals who desire to live safely.

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