How IP CCTV Cameras Are Changing the Whole Game?


Many decades have passed using CCTV systems. They are tested and tried technology we can rely upon without any doubt. With each passing months and years, this technology has imbibed many improvements that have empowered and convenient to install than ever. IP (internet protocol) security system is the edition, directly connects to the Ethernet ports and behaves like a small pc. Despite they are named “closed-circuit” these don’t operate on a closed circuit.

Using IP CCTV systems or an HD coax system attached with surveillance recorder you get access to watch live as well as recorded footage from anywhere on the globe through your phone. You can also control the cameras form your phone. Let us empower you with the pros of an IP CCTV.

Image Quality

50 years of evolution has marked avalanche improvements in Image quality of CCTV cameras. The need of the market has forced the manufacturer to develop and offer better resolution. In these criteria, IP cameras gain some extra points.

It has aged in such a way that it can offer a wide range of different surveillance needs for small as well as large scale industry. IP CCTV comes in 1.3 MP, 2 MP, 3 MP, 4 MP, 5 MP and 8 MP (also known as 4K). With better resolution business can enjoy clear views.

Installation and Maintenance 

When you think of the latest tech are more complicated and need more maintenance you are living in myth. Analog system needs more resource and cables for smooth operation.

However, IP CCTV cameras have simplified it and have dragged it to plug and play level. It needs only a single a cable to your network through a single cable.

Ease of use

Every IP CCTV manufacturer have put enough effort to make their software more user-friendly along with intuitive menus, a large range of added features and functionality, easy to understand layouts with different management and control options


Unlike analog security system that uses a coax cable to transmit video from a camera to a recording device, IP CCTV camera systems provide an ultimate option in scalability.

You can add as many security cameras as you want. Recordings are done on an NVR that saves recordings on different hard drives. A single NVR could be utilized in order to manage multiple IP security cameras.

Intelligent Analytics 

Software like Video Management System (VMS) reduce your brainstorming and effort needed to monitor these security systems. It helps to analyze and find the suspect and upcoming danger too. There is a feature of alarm triggering when the VMS picks up motion, license plate, a face or any predefined action in a specific area.

Value for money

Looking at all the aspects of purchasing and installing CCTV IP cameras can surely be called as a value for money. IP systems are a game-changer.

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