Are You Suffering from Security Camera Installation Because You Don’t Know Where to Begin?


Hikvision Camera System

In the security camera industry, Hikvision is the world’s leading manufacturing security camera system company and as well as the number 1 brand. Hikvision offers a large range of security cameras based on cutting edge technology at a reasonable price point. Their cameras can easily be equipped with various software such that, intercom systems, home alarm systems, advanced smart home systems and so on.

By offering high-performance network IP cameras and NVR network video recorders, Hikvision is becoming the first choice in the residential market. The security cameras from Hikvision are reliable and capable of providing high-quality performance once it is properly installed by an experienced and licensed security camera installer. That is why people choose the Hikvision cameras as their security solution.

Camera System Features

  • Remote monitoring from smartphones, tablets, laptops and other smart devices
  • These cameras come with analytics like line crossing, instruction, object abandoned, object removed, heat mapping, motion detection recording, people counting, face detection and so on.
  • Wi-Fi and wired cameras
  • 2 MP to 12 MP resolution range of camera
  • NVR channels are 4, 8,16,32 and 64
  • Vandal-proof cameras
  • IP 66 rated cameras for outdoor use
  • Built-in audio cameras

Dahua Camera System

Dahua is one of the best sellers in the residential marketplace. According to an IHS report, Dahua security products holds the 2nd position in the market of video surveillance equipment.

With advanced technology, Dahua provides the highest quality security camera systems. For its notch level performance, these security cameras are largely installed on the global market. There are so many residential areas, retail areas, banks, public places, schools, warehouses, intelligent buildings where Dahua cameras are continuously servicing and ensuring security.

Camera System features

  • Remote viewing from smartphones, tablets, laptops and other smart devices
  • These cameras come with analytic features like tripwire, alarm motion, instruction, scene change, facial detection, heat mapping, people counting, missing object and so on.
  • 2 MP to 4K camera resolution
  • NVR channels are 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64
  • Vandal-proof cameras
  • IP66 rated cameras for outdoor

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